Water, water, everywhere!

We have some HUGE changes happening around the farm, really great changes! We now have water in every paddock. Since we basically bought a raw piece of land, there were no utilities on the property, we have had to haul water to the animals. We started with a gas powered pump that pumped water out of the creek into a tank on our 4-wheeler. In May, we had our well installed and were able to fill the tank with a hose but we still had to haul water. Not sure if you are aware but 5 cows drink over 150 gallons of water a day during the summer months...it is A LOT of water!

This tank has worked hard over the last year

This week we got to let this hard working tank take a rest. Now we have these fabulous water tanks and hydrants that are placed throughout our property. The first one is called a tire tank, it is a tire from an Earth Mover truck, that is 6 ft in diameter! As the animals drink out of it, it automatically refills. We also have freeze proof hydrants near each tank. Since we rotationally graze our animals and have a small number of them, we need to run hoses to temporary tanks until our herd fills out.

This bright "McDonald" color tank is a freeze-proof tank. That means when the weather is cold we can move our animals into this paddock and they will have a constant source of drinking water, the ground keeps the water warm enough so it does not freeze.

I am constantly amazed at all I have to learn about keeping our animals healthy and well cared for. I am so thankful for all of our friends and mentors who are helping us learn. I am also thankful for the Lord's provision, He has provided abundantly for our farm! We are working with Natural Resources Conservation Services through the USDA to develop and implement a plan for our farm. We have been greatly blessed by their knowledge and resources, and we truly appreciate their efforts and assistance.

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