Spring has Sprung!

I am always amazed at how the seasons change, all perfectly planned and orchestrated by The Master Creator. This year, Spring has come in with a bang! We went from a mild winter to a wet and warm Spring. The grass has been growing so fast that it has been a bit overwhelming to keep up with it all. We ended up having to mow it to keep it under control a bit. I am very thankful for the rain but I would like a break from the violent storms. The storms have kept me reliant on my Savior!

I never realized that we would become grass farmers, managing weeds and forage. We are using a rotational grazing system where our cows move every couple of days. This spreads out the "fertilizer", gives the cows the best nutrition and gives the grass a break from being overgrazed. In the picture above, you can see where the cows were earlier in the day.

We started a new tradition this past Christmas, we are buying a living Christmas tree each year and then planting it on the farm. This year we waited too long to transplant it and thought it was completely dead, but it is not! This image reminds me so much of Christ's work in my life, He takes my sin (death) and makes me alive again through His death and resurrection.

We are so very thankful for the farm and new life Spring brings, whether it is the abundant grass, foliage and new babies or the joy of seeing our animals grow and change. We are expecting our first litter of Large Black Hog babies within the next few weeks!

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