Lambing Helper

Oh how I absolutely love baby lambs! We allow our sheep to lamb on pasture and do our best to let them take care of lambing and raising their babies on their own. We have found they are very capable and do much better without our intervention. Most of the time, we show up to feed everybody and find babies have arrived through the night.

This week we got the AMAZING blessing of getting to watch one of our ewes deliver twins. I was truly too awestruck to get great pictures and video. However, as I watched the lambing, I was amazed at how it all happens. In the video below, the ewe has delivered the first lamb, the white fluffy creature is Samson, our alpha Maremma. He was so incredibly gentle with mama and babies. He followed the ewe down the hillside and stayed with her through the entire process. Samson cleaned the lamb with the mom, at one point she started licking Samson too. As other sheep walked by, Samson chased them away, he was in maximum protector mode!

In the video, he had started cleaning up the ewe. It was absolutely amazing, he knew there was another lamb coming. Within minutes of the end of this video, a second lamb was born. We stayed far away and simply watched. It was a true blessing to get to see how these animals work together.

We are often questioned about our dogs living at the farm, and how we can leave them out there alone. These animals are not pets, although we love them and care deeply for them. We provide them with food, water and shelter. However, they generally do not stay in the barn, they stay in the fields. The worse the weather, the happier they are. When it is raining, they run around playing with each other, and they absolutely LOVE the snow! They usually come up to the barn and eat while we are doing chores, but not always. Their family is our sheep flock. They are most happy in with the sheep and work hard to keep them safe. We truly could not raise the sheep and poultry that we do without them. We are deeply blessed by these animals.

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