A New Life

Wow! What a weekend we have had! We got 8-9" of rain at the farm, which flooded the creek, making it impassable. Thankfully, all of the animals stayed put, even with all of the rain.

The most exciting news is that we have our first baby born on the farm! He was surprise since we thought the mama was due in September. Meet Ferdinand...

He is a cutie! He had a pretty difficult birth because he weighs over 100lbs. The average calf weighs 65-70 lbs. Thankfully, we have some very dear friends who were willing to help us get him out since we had no idea what we were doing! Because of the storms, he got to spend the night in our garage, which delighted my children. Sis was on duty through the night and she did a great job.

#redangus #orchard #largeblackhogs #chickens

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