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The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, blessed be the name of the Lord...

In no way would I say I have experienced all that Job experienced. However, this past week had been filled with extreme highs and lows. We were blessed with new babies by one momma and lost an entire litter with our other momma. Oh how the farm life is keeping me on my knees and constantly reminding me that I have no control in this life!

I feel the need to praise the Lord and continue to remember all of our wonderful blessings. We have a beautiful piece of land that only could have been put together by the Master Artist, we have heathy animals who have wonderful dispositions, we have the physical strength to care for the land and the animals, we have a town job that pays all of the bills, we have running water and most of all we have the assurance of eternal life. Blessed be the Name of the LORD!!!

Here is Mamma with her babies...

They are so sweet and she is a great mother. We did lose 1 the first day but the remaining 6 are feisty. 

It was absolutely amazing to get to experience the birth of these babies. The Lord designed these animals perfectly. Did you know that the babies are born with "hoof covers"?  They come off within moments after birth but they protect the momma as they travel through the birth canal. 

Our sweet Mattie did not get to experience an easy birthing. Her babies were stillborn. It was the saddest experience yet on the farm. She was so upset and the kids think she cried a bit. She is in the process of healing right now. 

Another exciting thing happened this week too...we have our well in!  This will make chores so much easier. 

We have been blessed greatly with a beautiful continuous flowing creek, it is one of our favorite places on the farm. We are also blessed with gorgeous hills. The 2 do not go well together when you are hauling 65 gallons of water on the back of a 4-wheeler!😬 We have "dropped" quite a few loads of water. 

Please join us in praising the Lord for all of our blessings. 



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