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The Cost of Sacrifice

I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for many years and the sacrifice of Christ has been taught to me many times. However, I don't think I ever realized the true cost of Jesus' sacrifice, until I became a farmer. I have been reading through the books of the Law in my Bible this year. While I am not a scholar and do not fully grasp all that is written, I have been astonished at the number of lambs required for sacrifice!

There are daily, weekly and monthly sacrifices, in addition to the festivals, offerings and more. I added up the number of male lambs, without defect required for sacrifice in just 3 chapters in the Book of Numbers, it was over 1050! That is a huge number! I realize there were hundreds of thousands of Israelites at the time and I am sure their flocks were numerous. However, you have to assume that 50% of the lambs born were female and while there were many males born, there are also many with defects. In addition, there were bulls, rams and goats sacrificed. The sacrifice required was the very best that the Israelites had to offer.

As a farmer, I can assure you that this sacrifice was an enormous financial cost, but I believe that was and is God's point. If the sacrifice is painful and costly, it keeps our eyes on Him for our provision. The sacrifice of Jesus, taking on all of my sin, is extremely humbling in light of the Old Testament sacrificial system. He paid for all of my sins past, present and future, so that I could have access to God, the Creator, the Great I AM, the Father of all things. This brings me to my knees and breaks my heart because I am positive that I do not give God my best from day-to-day! I am so thankful that Jesus was willing to sacrifice Himself for me and you, through His perfect love.


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