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Smothered Pork Chops

"Smothered Pork Chops", doesn't that sound delicious? Our friends at the Cooking Studio of Downtown Rogers hosted a "Dine and Demo" class this week and featured our beautiful pork chops and fantastic italian sausage.

As guests checked in, they were served these wonderful appetizer plates with fresh deviled eggs, Edgewood Creamery cheese, homemade flatbread, beets and olives.

Sheila taught how to make a simple dinner including salad with viniagarette and frittata. She made the frittata with our Shamba Creek Italian Sausage and asparagus.

Next came our pork chops, aren't these gorgeous! Shelia elevated them on the baking sheet and allow them to "dry" out a bit, a few minutes later she salted them lightly to draw out more moisture.

Next, she braised them in Rice Bran Oil. She uses a lot of Rice Bran Oil because it has a higher smoking point, I will definitely be getting some for my kitchen! After browning on both sides, she removed from pan and let them rest. Sheila taught us a lot about allowing meat to rest :-). Remember "high heat, room temp oil".

Now for the "smother" part. In the same pan, Sheila sautéed chopped onions, then she added mushrooms and cream. The theme throughout the evening was "Use What You Have", no recipes were used, no measurements were given, just encouragement to use your creativity.

After the "smother" was combined, the pork chops were added back to the pan and placed in the oven to finish off.

Look at this beautiful deliciousness! The pork chops were served over Caulimash, a mixture of cauliflower, cream cheese and parmesan, with a side of green beans and smothered in this fabulous sauce.

Sheila also showed how to make a quick Chicken Cordon Bleu, no rolling required!

The dish includes butterflied chicken breasts, prosciutto ham, dijon mustard and gruyere cheese. Place in a pan and bake until temperature of chicken reaches 160 degrees.

Tim and I had a wonderful night getting to meet people who love good, fresh food. Sheila and Michael are wonderful hosts and we truly appreciate their support of our farm. If you get the chance, visit Sheila for lunch at the Cooking Studio of Downtown Rogers every Tuesday and Wednesday. She always has a wonderful menu that is made from scratch.

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