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Changing Seasons

Today it finally feels like Fall! This is one of my favorite times of the year, I love the crisp mornings, the colors changing all around, new babies arriving and this year a new one for me...the wrapping up of the Farmers Market :-). Don't get me wrong, I love being at the market every week and getting to meet our wonderful customers, but this girl is ready for a break. We will finish up the Bentonville and Downtown Rogers Farmers Markets at the end of October but you can still get our fantastic products year-round through the brand new Bentonville Farmers Market app. As a special gift, they are offering 25% off your first purchase with promo code FIRSTORDER at checkout.

Also with the seasons changing, we are getting some projects done around the farm such as new paddock fencing for the cows and sheep. This new fencing will make it much easier to move the animals daily and help protect them. It is a huge project but we can see the finish line.

This winter, we plan to expand our chicken "facilities" to include a larger egg layer house so all of the girls can go into 1 building instead of 3, build a bigger broiler hoop house so we can do larger groups of birds at one time, and convert one of the current hen houses to a brooder for our broilers next year. If you have a hankering to build something this winter, let us know! We will gladly accept volunteer worker bees on these projects! :-)

It has been a fantastic year and we truly appreciate all of you who have come out to the markets and supported our farm. We have learned A LOT! Most days it still feels like we are drinking out of a firehose but we also have some routines in place now that conserve our time and energy. Thank you!


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