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On May 28, we got a Maremma, which is a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD). We named her Remi. We got Remi so that she would protect our chickens, and potentially sheep, once we get some. The second day we had her, she was full of energy, and the energy has been constant ever since. She loves to run around with the kids. In order for her to bond better with the chickens, we made her a pen at the farm. The pen is right next to the chickens so she can see them and get to know them. A lot of people don't understand why we leave her at the farm alone. As we have been researching the best ways to train her, we found out that it is best for her to live at the farm with the animals she will be guarding.

LGD's are different from your regular breed of dog. They are also trained very differently. LGD's are trained by spending time with their herd, in Remi's case, us and the chickens. Over time, natural instinct begins to kick in, and she will learn that she is supposed to protect not only the chickens, but everything else at the farm with her LIFE. Once she gets older, she will fight to the death to protect her herd.

When training an LGD, it is crucial to remember, they never forget and never forgive. If you ever are tempted to give one a pop to the butt, they will not forgive you.


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