Heritage Hogs

We are currently taking a break from raising Heritage Hogs on our pastures. In the past we have raised a variety of breeds including Large Blacks, Berkshires and Red Wattles.  We love hogs and will raise them again in the future.  At this time, we are still in the process of determining which breed performs best on our land.


Our first hogs were the Large Black Hogs that are a Heritage breed originally from England.  We chose them because they are docile, very good mothers and forage on the pasture well.  


The Livestock Conservancy has listed the Large Black Hog as a threatened livestock breed.  We are working with The Livestock Conservancy to improve the status of the Large Black breed and other Heritage hogs.


All of our hogs are raised on the pasture and allowed to forage. They are well loved and rubbed down regularly.  The meat from our hogs is lean and delicious.

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