A Klippermate and/or Badminton Owner’s Manual. Our 24 page manual for the Klippermate and/or the Badminton racquet stringer, takes you step by step. Hi, just wondering if someone has klippermate manual on PDF or some type of format they can send me. Greatly appreciated. Thanks ______. : KlippermateĀ® Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine The most complete and easy to follow instructions available with any stringer.

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Ordered the stringer from Klipper and received it within a few days.

Metal visegrip smooth clamps. Honestly, I am looking for a reason to upgrade, but cannot really find one. I have to tighten the bolt really tight but this doesn’t affect the accuracy and usability of the machine – it’s just annoying. Very easy set up time to assemble. Only problem I ever had was a little slipping of the string but after I figured out you have to wrap the string around the tensioner and then through the middle, never had another slipping problem; a little alcohol on the clamps once in awhile and it’s been a tremendous little machine.

Suggestion for the manufacturer: They’re actually lock wrenches that have been adapted for stringing. Those are general stringing issues but this is a really good little stringer and easy for a beginner.

Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual

Hardest part is the knots. They hold the string very securely without squeezing it. The first 3 cross strings are about 1. Saved 10 bucks there. They also have great resale value Ordered on Saturday, received on Tuesday – no assembly required. Manual was okay, but still a little vague.


Just recently purchased this machine. Very simple machine no special features.

I’ve never strung a racquet before this, so there was a learning curve. My first racquet took about 1.

Paul Russell, Jul 05, I tried to follow the manual but found it difficult so I got help from my friend who is very familiar with racquet stringing. Cary Bowden, September 16, They even helped when I had questions on how to string a racquet that was not listed. This machine has paid off after owning it for a year.

Klippermate and/or Badminton Owner’s Manual Detail Listing

To get the right tension by adjusting kllippermate jaw probably was the major time consuming part but it’s not so bad. I used it for badminton and tennis.

Delivery was one week, assembly was easy and it arrived with manual, awl, pliers, and sample strings. JZ, March 3, I am going to call Klippermate again and ask them why they replaced a clamp from someone else who posted on this forum and not mine. When I string it is within 2 lbs of the Gamma tension tester and the Gamma tension tester is also within 2 lbs of a professional string job done on an electronic and very expensive Prince stringer.

Mark Pendley, Jul 17, Doug Logan, September 28, Klippermaet thing has payed for itself probably 50x. This is a no frills, but works stringer. For any regular player not to have one is a shame. As a technical writer, I was impressed by the simplicity of the user guide.


Jeff, September 8, I string for myself and a few friends. I could have probably bought the Hawk for the same price, but more complex mechanism means a greater need for maintenance.

Klippermate manual | Flickr

The machine is relatively easy to use. But, I ended up finishing in a little over 2 hours.

I string only for myself and friends for free: Special feature is its portability and compactness. I kluppermate had any problem at all. Charlie Tuna, May 22, Other than that, this is a sufficient equipment for me. This makes the stringer a bit loose. Gabe, April 17, Great deal for a beginner with a budget. I taped the 2 mounting screws with masking tape to prevent string contact.

I have strung one old junk racquet with the strings included and then strung my Head Megablast racquetball racquet with a Tecnifibre string. To get the proper tension, it gets a bit tedious to get the tensioner in the proper position, but the jaws hold well and the machine is very stable.

At first this machine was adequate for quick string kllppermate. The machine did come with a manual very clear to read!