C-Bus Honeywell proprietary Control Bus for communications between Excel 10 W Controllers: WA Constant Volume AHU Controller. Product – Brand: Honeywell; Product Number: WA; SINGLE ZONE AHU WITH STAGED HEAT/COOL OR HEAT PUMP. Category: HVAC. Product Identifiers. GTIN. BRAND. Honeywell. MPN. WA UPC. eBay Product ID (ePID).

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When DlcShed changes from 1 to 0, the setpoint shift ramps back to 0 over a 30 minute interval. The Excel 10 Controller has limited power available only 9 mA at 4.

The controller outputs a pulse whose length consists of two parts, a minimum and a maximum. However, if the TOD schedule indicates an Occupied state and the occupancy sensor contact is open, —1 26 A digital input is also provided for detecting hnoeywell a window in the space was opened. Power wiring details for one Excel 10 per transformer. If an Excel 10 WA,B,C Controller or Zone Manager is not connected to a good earth ground, the controller internal transient protection circuitry is compromised and the function of protecting the controller from noise and power line w750a2005 cannot be fulfilled.

Table 9 lists wiring types, sizes, and length restrictions for Excel 10 products. Outdoor air is not suitable for free cooling.

W7750a 2005 Honeywell Excel 10 Constant Volume Air Handling Unit

Third party 0 to 10V, 0 to ppm CO2 sensors. Location of the Service Pin Button There is no time clock configured or bound to the node. By pressing the w775a02005 module pushbutton for more than four seconds, the controller sends out the Service Message.


Each individual Triac is rated 1A at 30 Vac maximum. Each Neuron has a unique bit network identification number.

W7750A2005 Excel10 CVAHU

Schematic diagram for a typical WB Unit. The eight outputs on the WC consist of five digital and three analog outputs. Planning is very important to be prepared for adding HVAC systems and controllers in future projects. Rated V2 level compliant.

Note that the number of physical Digital Outputs DOs on the controller limits the total number of stages that can be controlled. DirtyFilter digital input or the nvoData1.

Contacts closed equals Occupied. This is commonly called cascade control.

Honeywell WA | Controllers |

The FTT supports polarity insensitive free topology wiring. As the error signal increases, the space temperature gets further away from the setpoint, or is remaining below the setpoint as time elapses, additional honehwell of heating are energized until, if PID error reaches percent, all configured stages are on. HeatStagesOn indicates how many heating stages are on. Order Equipment for details on the various models of Wall Modules.

Series 60 actuators are generally less expensive than those for PWM, but the trade-off w7750a205 that PWM requires only a single controller digital output while floating control uses two DOs.

The WA Controller can drive Series 60 Floating 25 Control to modulate cooling valves, heating valves and economizers.


IaqOverRide is set to 0. The control algorithm in the Excel 10 Controller uses the occupancy w7750x2005, if configured, to determine the Effective Occupancy see Table 5 mode of operation. As the error signal increases and the space temperature is getting farther away from setpoint, or is remaining above setpoint as time elapses, additional stages of cooling are energized until, if PID hpneywell reaches percent, all configured stages are on.

TA,B,C,D construction in in. This page location is: Heat pump applications are supported by providing outputs for up to four compressor stages, a change-over relay for the refrigerant reversing valve, and up to four stages of auxiliary w7750a005. The various other modes are due to normal operation as well as manual and network commands.

The fan will remain under normal control. Before interacting with any w750a2005 variables, the management node verifies that the nviInUse has not changed. Sensor Voltage 20 7. The WC Model also has three analog outputs available on terminals 16, 17 and When using the network input, select Econo Enable Type: DirtyFilter is set to 1.

Graph of Sensor Voltage versus Humidity