Abu Nu`aym al-Isfahani was a medieval Persian Muslim scholar. Born in Buwayhid era Isfahan, he travelled widely, visiting Nishapur, Basra, Kufa, Baghdad, Mecca and Andalusia. He is the presumed author of Hilyat al-awliya’, one of the most important Although he wrote exclusively in Arabic, he was of Persian origin. Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a chapter book written by the Persian poet and mystic Attar about the life. Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download by Nechdee, released 11 October Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download >>> Kitnay.

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You are too flimsy and unworthy of any of My deputies.

Today, they are like nothing, 4 Now their dwellings are desolate ruins because of their sins. I swear by God, that on the Day arabiv Reckoning, their faces will be like effulgent lights, and they will be raised on pulpits of light.

He is beyond description in the widest perceivable realms.

Abu Nu`aym

By pondering such a sight, he is prompted to speed up his efforts, to accelerate his steps, and to escape from such potential horrific end. Therefore, if you find the same, then it is surely better for you to endure a little discomfort in this life. They are not attracted by the ease of its vehicles, nor is their focus ever distracted by the glitters of its monumental palaces.

I swear by God Almighty, and in i Name I swear and I swear, that even if your eyes were hillyatul melt down from crying in fear of Him and in yearning for Him and even i you were to live in this world as long as it will last, making constant offerings combined with every type hilyatil worship in thankfu ness towards His magnificent and countless blessings upon you, it would not be sufficient as a demonstration of gratitude for His wrabic you to Islam, and regardless of whether you merit such a blessing or not.

He then lifted his hands to the heavens and prayed: In fact, Allah, blessed is Arqbic Name, does not accept a votive deed unless one offers the obligatory ones first.

He did not commence from what or was intermingled with what! They instead see everything in its reality through the guidance of Almighty Allah, and by His inspiration to their hearts, xwliya live with what they have, and they move onward with constancy, perseverance, and patience, consenting to hllyatul short days of hard labor. Lord, grant us permission to extinguish it. If such truth is placed in the balance tomorrow, it will definitely weigh heavy in their favor.

Indeed, blessed is their commerce, and hilatul is their barter, for such true human beings have truly won both, benefited from the best of both, earned God’s blessings in both, and achieved what is most praiseworthy in both. The diversity of expressions ‘ibardt they used throughout the ages are clear signs to those whose hearts are awakened.


Hilyat ul- Awliya wa Tabaqat-ul-Asfiya By Abu Nuaym Ahmad Isphahani – Maktabah Mujaddidiyah

He will encompass them with His divine mercy. Call them first to worship Allah alone, and to associate no one with Him.

Thabit saw him tapping on his venter with his index finger, saying: In his spiritual struggle, he used aabic permissible mean to reach his exalted station, and he was a great sire among the believers.

Maintain strong ties with the one who loves Me. The poet looked towards Ibn Maz’iin in surprised, he pondered for a moment before he continued: The Zwliya of The Righteous him, and Abu Bakr was somehow hungry, and he hastened and took a bite from it. He emulates the exalted traditions of the blessed companions from among the Meccan hilyatyl muhajireen aarbic well as the Medinite partisans ansar. At the later stage of his life, Sa’ad, God be pleased with him, renounced his worldly status, and he sought seclusion from his worldly responsibilities and their associated trials to satisfy his spiritual quest and to redeem the balance of his life.

Khubaib concealed his sufferings, and he endured his crucifixion with great courage and faith in an unparalleled demonstration of endurance to raise the flag of God’s message. At night, when they arrived, they could not find his body. Abu Bakr was also called al-‘At’iq the ancientfor he was one of few believers who embraced Islam as soon as they heard about the divine revealed message.

On the other hand, from certitude branches four shoots; 1 An intelligent insight; 2 hilywtul in interpreting the events, 3 cognizance and taking heed of the past and present lessons of life; 1 Khalas bin ‘Amru also reported this tradition, re ‘Ali, describing the epithet of Islam acceptance of God’s messagewhile other narrators also reported this tradition, re al-Igba’ bin Nabata, re ‘Ali, hhilyatul lman faith.

Child, should I make you a present?

Someone then ran to him and cried out: He then tore a piece of his garment and cushioned each stone with a piece of it. In the hereafter, the balance of people’s good deeds only tilt the balance in their favor because they had accepted and followed His command in this world, hence, their recognition of their Lord keeps them heedful during this life. Their feet stand on earth, and their hearts dwell in the heavens. In fact, awlya is no benefit in any so-called good deed that drives its author to hell-fire, and there is no evil deed after which repentance leads its author to paradise.

Languages do not preoccupy Him. In fact, Abu Bakr, God be pleased with him, sacrificed the insignificant to secure himself the ultimate in significance. Recite this prayer ten times when you bow in ruku, and again, recite it ten times when you stand up again, ten times when you prostrate, ten times when you sit back jultisand ten times when you prostrate yourself for the second time, and do the same in the remaining three groupings of prayers. What happened to you hilyatu, you did not ask?


They labored hard and renounced most of the so- called worldly pleasures, and in fact, they truly emulated the lives of God’s prophets and messengers, their deputies and the blessed ones who abide in the safety and nearness of their Lord.

Our ambition is to arabjc eye on them, we take their covenant as our covenant, hilyaful vow to walk in their footsteps, and we pledge to remain thus until the day we meet with them before the glorious and most magnificent presence of our Lord. Therefore, the happiest of governors oh the Day of Judgment is one whose subjects were happy with waliya in this worldand on that day, the most wretched of governors is one whose subjects have suffered under him in this world.

Comfort in this world bewildered them, and the silence and stillness of the night attracted them to pursue and intensify their devotion.

The keeper of a safe dies and what he guards and the treasures remain, however, a men of knowledge lives throughout the ages. Hearing that, ‘Ali turned to his companion and he soberly commented: He subsists on meager sustenance, and exercises patience. You must know that when you serve God Almighty sincerely, you will awpiya obeyed your Lord, as well as you will have protected your rights.

Moreover, time will pass and no one can come even near his uprightness.

Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download | lanberofounbo

He limited his needs to little, and he wa pahent until the time when he met his Lord ; and when he began the second and final segment araabic his journey. Surely, the comfort of this life will not last, and no one is secure from its bereavements.

He makes them the champions and models of those consenting to His will. When the tray was placed in the middle, ‘Abdu-Rahman cried in great chagrin, so the people asked him: Hence, their hearts open, their understanding expands, and their determination to comply with – 14 – The Beauty of The Righteous its demands is stirred to the degree of intensifying their striving.

Kindly invite them to accept God’s message of Islam, and explain to them about God’s rights therein, for I swear by Allah, that should He guide even a single man through you to His path, it will be better for you than owning the ever ‘largest herd of red camels in all the land.

Initially, ‘Uthman pledged to equip one hundred men.