OK Guys, I am attempting to build the Halinski Bismarck in 1/ scale. Since most of you seem to be nice guys I am taking this chance that you. Bismark, Halinski, , Cañones mm 8 unidades, mm 12 unidades, mm 16 unidades, 37 mm 16 unidades, 20 mm 18 unidades. Fabricante. First off, thanks for the link. As for modeling or art, I would say both. I have this model and I must say the book is amazing, but even though I’ve.

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Bismarck, Halinski, 1:200, Cañones

That looks like one hell of a project. I have this model and I must say the book is amazing, but even though I’ve been modeling for over 30 years, experienced with plastic, wood, metal and now been building card for over 5 years, I find this a bit ‘scary’. Jun 22, Messages: Resources saved on this page: Looking forward to this one. Frank KelleAug 29, Even in my wildest dream, i don’t think i come close to having enough skill or patience to pull this off: Originally Posted by airdave.


South of Heaven Posts: Thats why the book hasn’t been cut yet. Jul 5, Messages: Are we talking 8 feet?

Enjoy, Scott Attached Files: Agree on all your points made here too. As for modeling or art, I would say both.

Find all posts by Tim Crowe. D That’s why it is art The HMV is 1: I’m just finishing up a paper P Mustang from Halinski 1: You must be building in your garage or you must have a very large house. Now I have to actually not only keep up the work but I have do do good work since I have placed myself halinnski the spotlight.

Thanks for the link Mark. Otherwise I use regular 8. My printer allows custom settings that let me print as much as 50 inches in length. I know the text is in Polish The seam is only noticeable if it is being looked for. BB bismarcm is On. User Name Remember Me?

Halinski Military Model / Bismarck – German battleship of the Second World War

The hull seems to be the sticking point for most myself included Chris. Posted by cplchilly on Wednesday, June 16, Posted by Anonymous halinsii Monday, June 21, 9: Good Morning Everyone, Thank you all for your nice comments and encouragement. I can’t believe its paper. Originally Posted by airdave one day, maybe, I can build just one model to that caliber!


May 7, Messages: Originally Posted by strk. Find all posts by Yu Gyokubun.

As Teddy Kennedy would say, “We will cross that bridge when we come to it”! I hope when I run across a problem someone will offer some help.

Halinski Bismarck 1/ Scale | Zealot

I didn’t realize that. I hope your Jeremiah O’Brien has the same fitas my Bismarck as it will make your building experience much less stressful. The BPM Bismarck is also 1: What a gigantic project! Text is in German and Polish but again Aug 25, Messages: Posted by Anonymous on Bismarrck, June 16, 1: