Shamba Creek Farm is focused on raising healthy grazers that are able to forage for their food.  We currently have a variety of sheep breeds and cattle on the land.  


The sheep are allowed to free range on the property with the assistance of our livestock guardian dogs.  These dogs are the hardest working animals on the farm.  They are fierce protectors of our sheep.  We currently use Maremmas as our livestock guardian dogs.  They have proven to be excellent resources during the lambing process as well as vigilant protectors.

In addition, we have cattle on the land that we rotate every few days to give them fresh grass.  This process allows us to organically grow our grass without additives.  As the cattle move from one paddock to another, they fertilize the land.  After 4 years of rotational grazing, we have loads of clover, fescue and bermuda in our pastures.  

All of our animals birth on pasture and we do our best to let them live as our Creator God made them.  

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Northwest Arkansas

and Southwest Missouri​