Ge VAT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ge VAT Instruction Manual. View and Download GE VAT instruction manual online. AC SPEED CONTROL EQUIPMENT. VAT Controller pdf manual download. GE’s distributor or our sales representatives who will be willing to help you. Please keep GE’s inverters are all passed the function test before delivery. Please.

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The motor avt2000 or decreases its speed according currently valid ramp rate. The torque limit can be set independently for both speed control ASR mode or torque control ACR mode independently for drive or regeneration status.

Chapter 3 Test Operation And Adjustment 3. Programmable Analog Input Function pai Chapter 2 Installation And Wiring This vaf2000 the reference speed table.

Preparation For Operation Precautions For Safety Precautions For Safety Items to be observed to prevent physical damage and to ensure safe use of this product are noted on the product and in this instruction manual. Control Functions and Parameter Settings C Pick-up wait time The wait time t is a safety delay to ensure that the pick-up operation is enabled a time after the output is cut off, once the motor residual voltage is disappeared.


Enable selection This is the control cat2000 for magnetising the secondary flux to a high speed when vat20000 operation.

Speed selection p p Bynary: Flow Of Test Operation 3. To increase the response toward disturbance, use the load torque observer. Note 8 When using the speed sensor-less vector control, the vector control with speed sensor, or the PM motor control, select the applicable motor from the max.

The relation of the setting range and control method is shown below. Always observe the va2t000 times before carrying out wiring work. This function can be set from either the Operation Panel or from the serial communication function.

VAT AC Drive Series VAT GE Power Controls |

VAT allows mounting up to three cards, but only one of each type. Only required static test Mode 2: Changing of the data can be protected per function group with the setting value as shown below.

It is possible to use any analog input either as setting or feedback. Preface Also make sure that this manual is delivered to the final users.


There are a total of nine different setting, all selectable. Control Functions and Parameter Settings B Carrier frequency B The PWM carrier frequency and control method can be changed to change the tone of the magnetic sound generated from the motor.

Table Of Contents Contents Preface Changing Of Terminal Functions Primary resistance Inverter 0. Operation Panel Keypad Continued from previous page 10 Change vst2000 setting value from 1.



Control Functions and Parameter Settings Selection of load characteristics Select the load characteristics by setting the following parameters. The contents of this manual can be changed without notice. Options 8 ,5 L a b e l M 1 0 Foot-Print filters Stand Alone Filters 3 Recommended Installation instructions for Electro Magnetic Vat22000 An inverter has not intrinsic on its own, but is considered as a component to be installed with other control components.

Electromagnetic Compliance, Emc 7. Autotuning do this automatically.

VAT2000 AC Drive Series VAT 2000 GE Power Controls

Check the signal wiring. Phase conductors only pass through output ferrite ring, Not earth conductor p It is important that the lead length from filter to inverter and unscreened length of motor output cable be kept as short as possible.

Provides up to 10 programmable re-tries with programmable time between tries Active after operating any of the following protections: Freque ncy Ye 0 Bias B, 4 where B” Selecting The Setting Data