The Furio is a remote controlled camera dolly. It gives a single operator complete control of the camera speed, height, pan, tilt and focus. The Furio is made up. The Furio Dolly is a complete remote controlled system including dolly, telescopic lift and hot head. Just add rails, set up the control system and integrate into. The Furio Robo system consists of a Pan-Tilt-Zoom Head (PTZ), Rail Based Dolly System with Telescopic Lift and a sophisticated IP based control system. Furio.

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As well as supplying any kit for your job, we are also able to fuurio all our clients a full crewing service if required too. Search Website Search Products. Contact in regards to this product:.

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Related Camera Control Products: Just add rails, set up the control system and integrate fkrio either your studio, around a stage or where ever you see fit. We will be contacting you shortly. Littlite – CAE, Inc. Furio FC consists of a motorised dolly, a telescopic lift, a 2 or 3-axis camera head and a set of operator controls.

Sony Professional Solutions of America. APC by Schneider Electric. Cameras – Studio Video. More Product Information Below. Details Kit The Furio Dolly is a fully remote and motion controllable robotic camera dolly with complete camera and lens control. With doll digital and network controlled servomotors, it offers a single operator the ability to track, lift, pan and tilt the camera from a distance.


Please simply enquire with us as to your needs and we shall do our very best to accommodate them for you.

Furio Dollies | Guy Linton Specialist Camera Services

Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. Cineworks is a experienced specialist camera hire and crewing facility. The Furio Remote Control dolly system is the de-facto standard for motorized dolly systems in a live TV broadcast environment and is used in a variety of award-winning shows such as America’s Got Talent, X-Factor, Star Academy and many others.

Digital control system with touch screen user-interface Dutch Roll Option: Operator and camera not included. Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc.

Bosch Conferencing and Public Address Systems. We are based at Pinewood Studios and have a 24 hour pickup and drop off service. Furio RC is designed and engineered with a host of details putting it in a class of its own.

Furio Remote Dolly & Hothead

Leyard and Planar, a Leyard Company. With fully digital and network controlled servomotors, it offers the capability to track, lift, pan, tilt and roll the camera by a single operator— from a distance.


Thank You for yout inquiry. Aiphone Intercom Systems Corp. How may we help you? We dolky ourselves on having the latest high definition digital equipment available and we have the knowledge to advise our clients on using the right tool for the job. About us Cineworks is a experienced specialist camera hire and crewing facility.

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It is fast and easy to set up, and even easier to use. Artel Video Systems, Inc. Please complete all dloly below and receive a no obligation quote back from us shortly after. The system is designed to operate quietly and with precision, even at high speeds. Request more information from a dealer near you.

Cameras – Special Application. Digital Triax Camera Adapter. The track and lift functions are operated by foot pedals while the remote head is controlled by joystick.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc.