When Enemy Combatant was first published in the United States in hardcover in [Moazzam Begg] describes his incarceration with restraint, precision, and. Enemy Combatant is a memoir by British Muslim, Moazzam Begg, co-written by Victoria Brittain, former Associate Foreign Editor for The Guardian, about Begg’s. Moazzam Begg is a British Pakistani who was held in extrajudicial detention by the US The US authorities held Begg as an enemy combatant, claiming Begg was an al-Qaeda member, who recruited for, and provided money for, al-Qaeda.

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Secretly abducted at midnight from his home in Afghanistan, held incommunicado in Kandahar and Bagram Air Force base, Begg was eventually flown to Guantanamo, where, like more than Muslim men and boys of whom remain in custody–he was held in shackles and the now-trademark orange prison uniform, subjected to relentless interrogations and abusive and degrading conditions.

The Muslim News called it an “open, honest and touching account”.

Enemy Combatant | The New Press

Alleged trainer for al-Qaeda [ citation needed ] DoD alleges links, but Begg says they never met [11]. Due to “hard line rhetoric”, the West is in a prime position to violate international law and basic humanity yet again. Required reading, even if you believe that the War on Terror requires the suspension moazzak civil rights, because what the government is asserting is that they can hold anyone, indefinitely and without trial.

Begg admits having spent time at two non-al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan in the s, having supported Muslim fighters in Bosnia and Chechnya, and that he had “thought about” taking up arms in Chechnya.

I was there in isolation for about a month. Convicted of trying to blow up an aircraft with a shoe bomb DoD alleges links, but Begg says they never met [11]. They were said to be officials and supporters of Afghan’s Taliban regime or of al-Qaida.


Views Read Edit View history. In FebruaryBegg was seized at his rented home in Islamabad by, what Begg believes were, Pakistani agents working on behalf of the US. America Came to Me”.

The outline of the book talks about how emotionally detached, confused and bemused he became combatnat what he moazzm experiencing. Moazzam Begg was born in Sparkhill inand grew up in Moseleyboth suburbs of Birmingham. My first reaction was, “This is terrible. Begg’s memoir”, such as not mentioning his arrest in for alleged fraud. Omar Khadr, Salim Hamdan and others make an appearance.

Retrieved 24 November While he awaited his fate, he adds, during his stay in Guantanamo Bay, he was often in such crammed conditions that he had to sleep standing up. It received mixed reviews in the US, Publishers Weekly described it as “a fast-paced, harrowing narrative”. Brgg 22 June They wanted to undo the padlock around my waist before the handcuffs, but they couldn’t, because they didn’t have the key.

It makes my heart ache to read this book. They had been praying for her deliverance.

In enwmy, British police arrested Begg on charges of alleged terrorist activities during the Syrian civil war. Although he would receive visits from his appointed legal team, such visits were constantly supervised by a US military lawyer and almost impossible to have conversations which left little doubt that they were not listened into.

Except maybe his family, who did advise him not to go to Afghanistan because of the political instability in the country. InBegg was arrested charged with conspiracy to defraud the Department of Social Security. Retrieved 27 April In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

He was said to be closely involved with senior extremists and associates of Osama bin Laden both in Britain and overseas. Please look up the history of the Northern Alliance.


In little more than a decade, two global superpowers had occupied this land, one of the world’s poorest. From beside me a voice said in Arabic, ‘Shall we pray, brother?

I had to ask them for prayer times, as I could not hear the prayer call from the main camp. Moazzam Begg was one of the president’s “bad people”.

Enemy Combatant by Moazzam Begg | US news | The Guardian

Retrieved 29 November Begg was seized by Pakistani officers in Islamabad in Februaryturned over to the U. I wished I would never wake up again. The highlight was the congregational prayer, particularly Taraweeh, the final evening prayer, exclusive to Ramadan.

There had been a nauseating smell, daily growing worse, and my cell was becoming infested with maggots. Once they kept me from sleeping for about two days and two nights.

From a parallel world

Archived from the original on 11 September I had heard from a guard that several detainees had been forcibly drugged on previous flights to Cuba. United States Department of Defense. The book picks up in the middle of chapter 3 where Begg was asked by several boyish friends if he fancied a trip to Afghanistan, into the heart of the Taliban region to visit some of the so called training camps. In Octobershortly before his trial was due to start, Begg was released after the prosecution announced that they would be offering no evidence due to documents having come into their possession showing that MI5 had been aware of, and had consented to, Begg’s travels to Syria.

Refresh and try again.

They took his computer and some related materials, but he was not charged.