Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Author Boese (Hippo Eats Dwarf, The Museum of Elephants on Acid – Kindle edition by Alex Boese. Download it . Alex Boese’s collection of bizarre scientific anecdotes illuminates matter – by Boese’s own estimation, Elephants on Acid is a book you dip. Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It’s a apex book, though the information regarding the experiments is accurate and clear. It’s devilishly difficult to get good at something unless you can find the fun in it. Later, the findings of these, as in dictatorships usual human-seeming experiments, found their way into the instructions for embarrassing interrogation and torture of the CIA in Latin America and other parts of the world. Jan 07, Jyotika Bahuguna rated it liked it Shelves: The experiments ‘documented’ should be absolutely and completely condemned by everyone with capacity for rational thought, yet instead they’re delighted upon and elephznts money on by some disgusting freak from my nightmares look at his goodreads picture if you don’t believe he’s got something missing upstairs.


The book Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese, is a compilation of some of the most unconventional and strange experiments ever conducted. Like a lil child, I’m still fascinated by colorful things!!

Robert White’s attempt to isolate a monkey’s brain by removing, piece by piece, the face and skull, absolutely belongs in this book – bodse it is delivered so early that it’s one hell of a hurdle to clear in the first five minutes of reading. Yet, for all its hilarity, Elephants on Acid proves to be an oddly disturbing experience when read cover-to-cover.

Book review: Alex Boese’s *Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments*

When reading Elephants on Acid, through all of the many diverse experiments, there was one common motif: I know that the introduction provided his stance that he included experiments that were either very funny or disgusting, or weird, but I started to read this with the chapter on relationships, which was setting a good tone to the book and nicely amusing, but after turned to other chapters I had to put it to paper recycling.

The book is well written, funny and full of side stories about the life or scientists, or other historically related events. I can see why investigators in these fields must now put proposals to an ethics comittee – a goodly number of these experiments would not take place if put forward today. His facetious mask cannot hide for long the underlying seriousness of such striking material. THAT is the kin The author’s sense of humor is extremely grating, and the experiments all seem to fall under either “somewhat eccentric but useful way of answering a valid question” or “stupid and cruel.


Elephantz you love animals, or if you want to think the best of people, you may wish to avoid this book. Science is no exception.

Boese insists on ending each experiment recap with a cheesy one-liner. For instance, when a female scientist was dissuaded from one of her ideas, this discouragement spoke more to the patriarchic environment surrounding the experiment than aldx the controversial nature of the question itself.

In order to understand this project, and in order to evaluate whether or not you wish to spend time with this book, there are four main things that you should know: May 13, Claire Dwyer rated it it was amazing.

The Achilles’ heel of the book can be summed up in one word: If you wanted to hear stories of elephants on acid, racing cockroaches or the psychology of humans then this the book for you. MOST of the time. Other times I just shuddered at the things we thought acceptable. More than half feel shoe-horned in, humor forced eldphants a place where humor doesn’t belong. All of the experimenters had a question that they wanted to answer.


It consists of brief write ups of bizarre experiments conducted in 10 different categories. As a collection of classic bizarre experiments, this book holds up well. But Boese, quietly meticulous, is a champion of the idea of science. It would recommend this as a fascinating read for those who appreciate the odd. This latest guide deftly compresses centuries of questionable research into a short, interesting read.

You must realize that the vast majority of human beings are almost entirely similar to one another in fundamental respects, despite shallow appearances they are very acd like anyone else.

Best read in pieces and with a mind that either likes horror, grotesque things, or just detached entirely. Although I only gave it two stars – it was ok – I really would recommend it as fun light reading that is also informative – and could provide you with some fun facts to share around the water cooler or at your next cocktail party. For these summaries alone it should have earned a 5, but it’s 4 stars only due to the detached humour regarding the most cruel experiments. I knew there were inhumane endeavours out there in the name of science but reading them like this definitely made me squirm and quite angry.


Elephants on Acid : Alex Boese :

It’s a light and entertaining read, with plenty of references to go deeper if you so choose. Couldn’t even finish it. Other elepyants lurk in wait for those who persevere Ewen Cameron’s brainwashing experiments of the s are particularly horrendous.

The author admits this groundwork in his introduction; he is very aware of the nature of his project, and he constantly liv TL: Scientists are a strange group of people drinking vomit to prove fellow fever isn’t contagious? Elephants on Acid Alex Boese book reviews: Will babies instinctually pick a well-balanced diet? Although there are many well known studies in this book, that might not be new or surprising to the scientifically aware, the author does an excellent job giving a complete picture surrounding a given experiment.

A book worth reading in fits and starts really, I enjoyed this odd elephanrs.

Review: Elephants on Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments by Alex Boese

Part of the blurb that caught my curiosity: Major disappointment in store upon openiqng the book! A great, quick read to give you plenty of anecdotes to tell to your friends. Overally, it sounds to me that the author got into these experiments too much and lost a ground in being critical from the distance. However, overall the book is well-researched and written, a breezy introduction to the weird paths science and scientific inquiry have taken over the last few centuries as people attempt to better understand the world and eoephants things work.

Reading how many weird, silly or crazy experiments have been made in name of the science is very interesting, and provides an alternate point of view to the definition of science itself. You might try to cast them off as twisted when you learn of their strange experiments.