Category. People & Blogs. Song. Attractive Force – Original Mix. Artist. Alexander Popov. Album. Attractive Force. Licensed to YouTube by. [Merlin] Armada. Eindwerk informatica. Benoît Donche. by. Benoit Donche Scoutskamp · Eindwerk voorstelling · Eindwerk voorstelling. Benoît Donche. DeployMan is a command line tool to deploy Docker images to AWS and was the software prototype for my master thesis. I wrote my thesis at Informatica in.

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However, migrating to Lightning presents challenges to existing Salesforce modifications and processes. This helped me get a better grasp of the subject matter and gave me plenty of practical experience and self-assurance, resulting in a job as a project leader as soon as I completed my studies. With disparate data storage systems employees were facing data challenges. You will complete at least the following items: The text eindwekr give the readers confidence in that you understand the chronology, structure, and logical entities in your own text; and thus know what you write.

Develop an application to forecast with maximum accuracy, the consolidated statuses of business leads and opportunities based on over 25 parameters that can tweaked to alter the forecasting model.

We also utilized Console view in Salesforce to provide the agent complete information they might need while interacting with customer.

Computing Science

I guess the Dutch mentality of trying to get the most out of your studies rubbed off on me. Developed Cloud Contact Center using Salesforce. We built custom web service for syncing Salesforce data with Oracle and vice-versa using MuleSoft. If you have earned fewer than 45 ECTS and are issued a negative study advice, you will not be allowed to continue your degree programme.


Quote information was at in SFDC as well as at partially outside Salesforce, which leads to data sync problem. It helps to proactively approach their customer before running contract ends. If you have an idea and you want to give it a shape, we are your dream team. Information Security optional Minor CS: Assessed by students as the best Computing Science degree in niformatica country Projects and practicals you work on offer a lot of freedom to make it your own Choose the regular Computing Science programme or Business Computing During the first year you can still switch to BSc Artificial Intelligence Small-scale, you will get to know your fellow students and professors quickly Excellent facilities: Provide for a dashboard to effectively discern business movement over a period.

Back home, students don’t take the first year particularly serious, intormatica here people are really pushing for top marks. The capacity is limited;you can arrange with your fellow students how to best schedule the usage. The text below describes the new two-phases projects.

Onderwijs Informatica en Informatiekunde | Department of Information and Computing Sciences

I think studying here is quite different from what I was used to in Romania. Please read the whole Delay Protocol ; you can find it here. I find it very interesting that it’s able to associate itself with other fields, like Mathematics and Physics. Allow the user to generate a quote in Word or PDF format. My friends studied in other cities, but we all agree: Also, submitting and tracking helpdesk tickets proved to infprmatica difficult task with existing system for both support teams as well as the employees.

Groningen is a university city, and being around other students wherever you go makes it easier to feel at home, and to stay motivated to study hard. Cum Laude The requirements to receive informatuca cum laude include that your Phase-2 grade should be at least 8. Present and defend your results and conclusion.


Department of Information and Computing Sciences

Also ensure that you inforamtica included a second examiner UU staff member. Software Defined Network SDN promises a technological path to empower users with the ability to innovate in their networks.

During high-school, we were always reminded of what we have to do, whereas here all the responsibility falls only on your own shoulders. This concerns the level and importance of the your results. We promise to honor your trust in us, be diligent, flexible and attentive to your needs.

Finding alternative cost effective system which fulfills all business need. We will work with you shoulder to shoulder to bring your idea to a reality.

The quality of additional work, if such is required. Main objective was to improve teamwork and collaboration. What I like most about Computing Science is its versatility.

They wanted to build a tool for their staff to do predictive analysis for their clients. Send auto-reminder to the client for contract renewal.

They all speak English well, which is great, but I would probably advise prospect students to learn a little bit of Dutch too.

Classes are focused on practice and examples rather than the dry theory, and the lecturers know how to share their knowledge in a concise, focused way.