Ecarin is a snake venom (Echis carinatus) that directly activates prothrombin to meizothrombin This action is not dependent on phospholipid membranes and . Genus: Echis. Species: carinatus. Common Names Small in length, cylindrical and moderately slender bodied snake with a very short tail. Can grow to a. The saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus) is one of the principal causes of snake bites in India. For the Haffkine Institute, these snakes are procured for their venom.

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Neurotoxic Paralysis Does not occur, based on current clinical evidence. Journal of Threatened Taxa 7 However, averages about 0.

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If no motor vehicle or boat is available, the patient can be carried on a stretcher or hurdle, on the pillion or crossbar of a bicycle or on someone’s back. Publishing, New Delhi, pp. British Herpetological Society Bulletin Echis carinatuspp. Washington, Ehcis of Columbia: Can grow to a maximum of about 0.

WCH Clinical Toxinology Resources

The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere. General Shape Small in length, cylindrical and moderately slender bodied snake with a very short tail.

Czrinatus very bad cases the swelling may extend up the entire affected limb within 12—24 hours and blisters form on the skin. Often lies in the sand with only the head exposed and sometimes found among branches of small shrubs. Taxonomic revision of the snake genus Echis Viperidae. A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species.


Snakes of the World: Taylor and Francis, London. Die Amphibien und Reptilien West-Pakistans.

Echis – Wikipedia

South Indian saw-scaled viper [22]. Living Snakes of the World in Color. An analysis of taxonomy and description of new forms. The scientific results of the Oman flora and fauna survey Dhofar. The Snakes of Iran.

The size of E. Dorsal scale count usually 25 to 29 – 27 to 37 – 21 to Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October Articles with dead external links from September Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Wiping it once with a damp cloth to remove surface venom is unlikely to do much harm or good but the wound must not be massaged. For others, their diets are reported to be extremely varied, and may include items such as locustsbeetleswormsslugsspidersscorpionscentipedessolifugidsfrogstoadsreptiles including other snakessmall mammalsand birds.

Carinatuus, we cannot control how users will interpret the information provided on this site. No attempt should be made to pursue the snake into the undergrowth as this will risk further bites. The top of the head has a whitish cruciform or trident pattern and there is a faint stripe running from the eye to the angle of the jaw. Accessed 22 October Accessed 21 Carinatsu Trustees of the British Museum Natural History. Unterschiede in der Giftwirkung von Sandtasselottern Echis carinatus und Kettenvipern Vipera russelii Salamandra 8 Views Read Edit View history.


Cecil and Loeb Textbook of Medicine. Venom toxicity varies among the different species, geographic locations, individual specimens, sexes, over the seasons, different milkings, and, of course, the method of injection efhis, intramuscular, or intravenous. Many will be terrified, fearing sudden death and, in this mood, they may behave irrationally or even hysterically. Phylogenetic affinities of the Iraqi populations of Saw-scaled vipers of the genus Echis Serpentes: In mice, the intravenous LD 50 ranges from 2.

The light wavy stripes on the sides of the body are present and are not divided in separate arcs as in all other species of Echis.

Ophidia Taprobanica or the Snakes of Ceylon. Taylor and Francis, printers.

Head is broad, flat, triangular shaped and distinct from neck. There are ventral scales that are rounded and cover the full width of the belly. Wildlife of Pakistan 1 1: In particular, for bites causing flaccid paralysis, including respiratory paralysis, both airway and respiration may be impaired, requiring urgent and prolonged treatment, which may include the mouth to mask mouth to mouth technique of expired air transfer. The dorsal scales are mostly keeled. Krieger, Malabar, Florida, pp.

Morphological and molecular phylogenies of viperines: