In the past, we’ve talked extensively about JMockit and Mockito. In this tutorial, we ‘ll give an introduction to another mocking tool – EasyMock. EasyMock Tutorial, EasyMock JUnit 5 example, EasyMock vs Mockito, EasyMock mock interface and classes, EasyMock @Mock, @TestSubject annotations. EasyMock + requires Java and above; EasyMock requires Java Just add EasyMock and Dexmaker as dependencies of the apk project used to.

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You also need to download tutoriap Objenesis and Cglib libraries and add these jars to your classpath. If you use Maven, the final required dependencies will look like this: To match an actual method call on the Mock Object with an expectation, Object arguments are by default compared with equals. Unexpected method call documentChanged “Document”: There are a couple of predefined argument matchers available.

Easy Mock Tutorial

Expecting an Explicit Number of Calls Up to now, our test has only considered a single method call. For many tests using EasyMock, we only need a static import of methods of org. hutorial

The main purpose of these frameworks is to make writing of unit tests easier. Here is the test without the definition of the Mock Object: To verify that the specified easymovk has been used, we have to call verify mock: The times method defines how often the Mock object will be called. A strict Mock Object has order checking enabled after creation.

If you use these, refactorings like reordering parameters may break your tests.

During recording, a mock is not thread-safe. As you probably know, Coffee machine has two containers: In case of failure, you can replace the default instantiator with:. It is extremely easy to use and makes writing the unit tests a breeze – great job! If the sum of all values is positive, the document is removed and documentRemoved String title is called on all collaborators: Creating Return Values or Exceptions Sometimes we would like our mock object to return a value or throw an exception that is created at the time of the actual call.


In the latter case, our code sample would not compile:. The equivalent annotation is Mock MockType. Now I will describe in a few words functionality of the application.

Easy Mock Tutorial – Easy Mock Tutorial Videos | Wisdom Jobs

You can set back the default one with setDefaultInstantiator. Our first test should check whether the removal of a non-existing document does not lead to a notification of the collaborator.

Links and Literature 5. The fieldName qualifier can be used in this scenario to disambiguate the assignments. If no call count is specified, one call is expected. The code then looks like:.

This tutorial explains testing with the EasyMock framework within Eclipse. Unexpected method call documentAdded “Wrong title”: Have you ever lie on your resume?

Moreover, it encourages us to make more frequent use of MockObjects leading to compositional and interface oriented designs.

Fork me on GitHub. So, it makes sense mock the external services. Setting properties in the code obviously override any property set in easymock. As an example, the following code will not compile, as the type of the provided return value does not match the method’s return value: Instead of defining eqException with a Throwable as parameter and return value, we use a generic type that extends Throwable:.

Testing with EasyMock – Tutorial

It will automatically registers all created mocks and replay, reset or verify them in batch instead of explicitly. But many of these static methods tutprial identify the hidden control of the Mock Object and delegate to it. Easyymock are an essential part of each test, eashmock all manipulations in a test should be checked in the end of it. If you would like a strict Mock Object that checks the order of method calls, use EasyMock. To define the new argument matcher, we implement the interface org.

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EasyMock can do much more than what I shown in this post. So, we want to make sure addDocument is notifying Collaborator by calling documentAdded with the right title in argument. To avoid the repetition of mock. Standalone Download the EasyMock zip file It contains the easymock If it’s not the case, or if you can’t do otherwise because of some development constraints, here’s the solution:.

hutorial Defining your own Argument Matchers Sometimes it is desirable to define own argument matchers. Oren Gross, Mercury Interactive. So a giving mock or mocks linked to the same IMocksControl can only be recorded from a single thread. EasyMock is a mock framework which can be easily used in conjunction with JUnit.

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the Java developers who desire to improve the quality of the software by using unit testing and test-driven development.

Create a new test for IncomeCalculator and place the new test class in this folder. I can underline several fundamental things in EasyMock usage. Possible values are “true” or “false”. How to design your resume?