DIN Slackline systems – General and safety requirements and test methods. Tested according to: DIN AfPS GS PAK. CERTIFICATE. The product meets the safety and health requirements of the German Product. Items 1 – 10 of 76 Download free 3D files & 2D drawings – RETAINING RING FOR SHAFT DIN – PLAIN.

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HALFIX channel constructions Depending on the space and structural circumstances, wall-only or floor-to-ceiling channel systems are selected. Individual static verifications for future refits are also not required as the system is verified on initial installation. These can also serve to conceal building installations and service utilities, while assuring easy accessibility. The following links contain detailed information in German and English on which we base our recommendations.

Tree protection that is 20cm high and metres has proven to be suitable.

Tree protection when slacklining

This is where solutions are required that are versatile, future proof and economical. It is a flexible fixing point and can be used for various types of leisure or sports equipment, to connect room dividers or other innumerable paraphernalia. The HALFIX system is used where structures, facilities or buildings need to be adapted quickly and cost effectively to new applications.

The adapter bolt allows load bearing elements to be fixed securely dln removed from the inlets in a matter of seconds. This allows the sling to rub on dln tree protection without damaging the bark and, with it, the tree. That is why we recommend a minimum diametre of 30cm at the height of the anchor to be sure that we are not damaging the tree. We also recommend you proactively approach slackliners in your community about these issues – this helps the entire community!


Simply ideal for gyms, climbing halls, fitness centres or your own home! With the four super strong steel bolts 7940 by Fischer, made in Germany the “Slack-Fix” is installed hassle-free in concrete walls or floors offering an increadible breakingload of more than 4 tons! Lead by example – Tree protection for Slacklines The principles of slacklining Can I rig my slackline on this tree?

It is not easy to assess the maximum pull a tree can withstand. Tension The tension is the pull the slackline exerts on the tree. Tree protection when slacklining The following has to be considered when slacklining with trees as anchors: Using the HALFEN System it is possible to switch quickly and easily between different applications, or to set the stage and prepare for future as yet unknown applications.

Slackline 10m Slack-Fix kit KIDS | Slacklines | English

In order to protect the bark of the tree from the friction caused by the slings we use tree protection made from robust materials such as felt or carpet. To protect the tree it is adviseable to use slings of 5 and more cm in width ideally spread out.

Detailed information The requirements mentioned above are based off DIN the industry standard for slacklines and are valid for slacklines rigged between trees where jumping off is feasible. The larger the tree and the wider the slings, the greater the area of contact of the sling and the lesser the pressure on the bark. Standards beim Baumschutz von Christian Katlein Rindenbelastung von Christian Katlein For details click here.

Retrofitting, refurbishing, conversion — The HALFIX system does it all At a time when the population is steadily on the increase and while suitable building space for education and sport are limited, the optimum use of available space becomes more and more important. Pressure The pressure, transferred from the slackline to the tree is, among other things, dependant on the tension of the line, the diametre of the tree, the width of the slings wrapping the tree and the thickness and quality of treeprotection used.


Djn the “Slack-Fix” our selection of fixations for outdoor use Cin and Slack-Nail is now completed by a great solution for indoors.

Contact information

Service distribution downloads video-manuals links catalogue my slackline. Take a look at the flyers if you don’t know what tree protection looks like! Help contact shipping and shipping costs.

Trees with thin bark are more vulnerable when it comes to pressure compared to trees with thick bark. This is now possible 7400 needing special tools or 7900. Once the respective channel system is installed your space becomes multifunctional. Friction In order to protect the bark of the tree from the friction caused by the slings we use tree protection made from robust materials such as felt or carpet.

A dream team if combined with a Slack-Ratchet CL. Baumschutz beim Slacklinen in der Schweiz A dream team if combined with a Slack-Ratchet CL With the slackline wall mount “Slack-Fix” a slackline is conveniently set up in a few seconds no matter if in-or outdoors. The strains that a slackline system puts on a tree can be broken down in three categories, in a simplyfied form.

Planning requirements are dij kept lower and therefore costs are also lower.