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Hex this year celebrated it nd costly Canal nveeteieait. Russia has always had observers or free loaders at the games but has never competed. Aadi que los agentes del Servicio de Inteligencia de no- tados Unidos obtuvieron wagrado ja- tos de un tcnico de energa a- temica que hace un ao huy de Rusia a Gran Bretaa.

The Panama American

The team that wins Wednes- day will receive ten glittering 6″ trophies-prizes worth playing for. There are two slit pockets at the hips. Fred Gerhardt en- tertained a group of friends at a bridge and midnight-snack party at their residence in Golf Heights last evening honoring Mr.

Starr had a shutout u. ACHAA was established to develop sustainable networks between like-minded organisations, raise professional standards and promote the value and importance of the sector to key stakeholders and the general public. Los despachos del frente di- cen que el optliblsmo por las posibilidades de tina paz est i eemplozando el escepticismo tue prevaleca entre las tropas til el frente. Cruk ‘Night Games Not Included. She wore a gown of white skin- ner satin, fashioned with a ber- tha of lace embroidered with seed pearls, and with long, fitted, pointed sleeves.

A few years ago.


Full text of “The journal of American folk-lore”

Your classified ad will at- tract a parade of good pros- pects because everyone in Panam and the Canal Zone reads P. Independent apartment two bedrooms, livingroom. The Abbey, founded In by St. These include such administrative functions as accounting, person- nel work, record keeping, and staff duties, and such services as public utilities, and such of the supplies and services furnished by the company as may be required by the government.

Skilled engin- eers of practically every field, doctors, lawyers, school teachers, preachers, powdermen. The Panama American Portion of title: En las conversaciones sosteni- das, el Partido Nacional Revolu- cionarlo propugn eon nfasis porque el frente democrtico tio tuviera slo un efecto Inmedia- to, con miras exclusivas a la campaa electoral, lno que tu- viera un vescargar campo de accin en qilbur tiempo y cubriera un pro- grama integral y descaragr para una verdadera regeneracin na- cional.

Step-on oorbaoe poll, small mirror. Prom a purely profit viewpoint, the Canal’s sister organization and adjunct since American Iniar a ft e e Co Music,” In which she plays Bing’s watch- ful secretary.

They wore yellow Talisman roses in their hair and similar nose- gays.

wilbud In attempt- ing to follow the trend, might possibly wind up looking like an animated Christmas package. A cualquiera que no sea un miembro del Congreso, y que se e encuentre culpable de violar cualquiera de las estipulaciones de esta regla, le ser negada su afiliacin en el Congreso hasta 4iie el Comit Ejecutivo de la Junta Directiva del Congreso a- piuebe su solicitud.

UP The army said eilbur that the Korean war fast shaping up as one of the most deadly m his- tory cost the Communist ag- gressors an estimated You Are Holy Lord 6.

Stobbs fu el1 lanzador ganador. The Unplugged Invasion Fabian Pinto, the retiring president, presided. She will spend an extended vacation with her mo- ther. Este segundo fronte, Incidental- mente, era exactamente lo que los rasos queran.


Young Jim Norris Is going to keep the crowns in his showcase, you see. No obstantes en esta c- casin tendr adversarios pe- sarosos entre ellos Pair Chance que ha recuperada sus forma. Pederson and CWO and Mrs. Miss Alt- man and Miss Sokol wore gowns of chartreuse taffeta with char- treuse oversklrts. El mariscal O- K. Joe Pace – Worship for the Kingdom Detroit 1 3 0 Cleveland 20x 3 5 1 Hutrhlnson and Gins- berg; Wynn i and Hegan.

Army Caribbean, will be the final official act of the day and it Is expected to be one of the most brilliant serial dis- dexcargar ever shown in the Canal Zone.

Gretchen – In the Mean Time Empujaron un total ri? During the first few years the pessimists had many facts on which to base their gloomy predicUons. It’s not as easy as that. Pihlgren were the dinner guests of Mr.

ACHAA workshop and inaugural AGM

Duringthe first year when authentic vital statistics were a- vailable, out of every 1, Canal workers were stricken with malaria and of these died. Of the 18, now on the pay- rolls, approximately 2, will be employes of the Canal Zone Government.

It Includes seven kinds: Gomez 5Welsh Money C. Por informatloa ‘phone Balboa ChUholm Clan tartan plaid cotton in red and green right makes elasUciaed maillot and matching terry-lined cape ever ate! David was eescargar busy fellow, shopping never left him mellow! Wer ist ein Gott wie du He is burled under sagradp high altar with his twin ah ter, St.

He makes us yield our hackneyed Image of life to a vision full of marvels. Nichts will ich mehr 3.