Refer to the CPM1/CPM1A/CPM2A/CPM2C/SRM1(-V2) Programming Manual ( W) for details on programming opera- tions. CPM2C Features and. Part number. Operation manual. CPM2A operation manual. W Programming manual. CPM1/CPM1A/CPM2A/CPM2C/SRM1(-V2) Programming Manual. All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The word “Unit” is also capitalized when it refers to an OMRON product, regardless of whether or not it.

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OMRON CPM2A – 11-2005 Manual

Is PWR indicator lit? Page 19 EMC Directives. EC Directives Countermeasure Examples When switching an inductive load, connect a surge protector, diodes, etc. Press the CLR Key to bring up the initial display. Page 1, 2, Is input wiring correct?

It is not necessary to input leading zeroes. Section 5 describes how to perform a test run and how to diagnose and correct the hardware and cmp2a ware errors that can occur during PC operation.

Page Appendix B Dimensions All dimensions are in millimeters. This section provides general precautions manyal using the Programmable Controller PC and related devices.


The polarity of the TVS diode is bidirectional, i. Displaying The Cycle Time These differences are caused by changing execution conditions.

The information contained in this section is important for the safe and reliable application of the Programmable Con- troller. Force Set, Reset Multiple address monitor 2.

Follow the handling precautions and pro- cedures to properly use the Unit. Structure And Operation It will be necessary to turn the power off and then on again to enable a new setting if dpm2a parameter is ac- cessed only when the power is turned on.

Page AR ON?

Page Tighten screws or Are there any loose terminal screws or bro- replace cppm2a. Section 4 describes how to connect the Programming Console, and how to perform the various program- ming operations.

Straighten the pins on the EEPROM, line up with the socket and lower into the socket, as shown in the following diagram. ON see note Pin 7: Stray wire strands can short-circuit and cause a fire. When connecting the PC to a personal computer or other peripheral device, ei- ther ground the 0-V side of the PC or do not ground mabual PC at all. Got it, continue to print.


OMRON CPM2A – MANUAL Pdf Download.

In this case, DM was selected. Be sure to use a wire of at least 1. Clearing Memory Completely 5. The procedure is performed beginning with the initial display. Functional ground terminal AC power supplies only 5. The password prevents unauthorized access to the program.

Fatal Errors Unit configuration. Chapters Table Of Contents Power supply input terminals 8.

Page Output signal ranges: Check the alignment of the connector tab and fully insert the connector. Are the terminal screws loose?