Our Farming Story

Karibu! Welcome to our farm!  Our family has lived and worked in Northwest Arkansas for the past 14 years.  We bought our land in 2016 and embarked on an exciting adventure. Every day we learn something new:  sometimes the lessons are hard and challenge us, other times we are completely amazed that we get to live this crazy farm life.  Most days our plans are shaken up and do not go our way, but we choose to count our blessings.

Our journey into farming came about over many years and experiences.  Our children have food allergies and sensitivities, which required us to look closely at what we were eating.  In addition, we spent a year in East Africa, which completely changed our perspective on the world around us.  During this time, we were greatly challenged in our thinking and how we were using our time and talents. 


Our farm name "Shamba" means a cultivated plot of land or garden in Swahili. Many of the people we met in East Africa had a fondness for their "shamba" or their home, which was usually located some distance from where they lived and worked.  Even though many of our friends in Kenya had lived in Nairobi for many years, their home was their "shamba" and they went to visit every chance they could.

We pray that our farm will be a place of joy and peace, where friends and family can come together and enjoy the beauty of the LORD's creation.  We hope to teach others in our community about how our food is raised and produced, and share in the bounty of the Lord's blessings.  


We strive to provide the freshest pasture-raised protein possible to our friends, family and customers.

May the LORD bless you and your family!

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Northwest Arkansas

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