Paling en Ko (Mortadelo y Filemon) en Francisco Ibáñez. Mortadelo & Filemon # Comic Art, Comic Book, Comic Covers, Character Mortadelo y Filemon oficina, Comic español Cartoon Illustrations, Comic Art. “Mortadelo y Filemón” is a comic book by illustrator FRANCISCO IBÁÑEZ ( Barcelona). The first story of these sloppy detectives appeared.

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He is always fighting with Phil, his partner, mostly because he tends to mess things up, usually to Phil’s discomfort: May my mustache fall if I find an even higher note of expenses! Hispanic Issues Online Vicente’s boss and the only person who he ever toadies to. European Comic Art 2 2: Just as often, however, he ends up as the one being chased by his underlings, as his mortadepo short-sighted assignments cause them no end of grief.

She is very vain and flirtyshe loves putting on make-up and filing her nails. I must get rid of it!

In particular, the proliferation of nonsense and gags influenced on the predominant critical humor of the Bruguera-schoolone of the three major comic currents after the Spanish civil war. The series features Mort Spanish: This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Tall, skinny, bald and quite short-sighted, he always wears a black coat.

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Created in and still runningthe strip has released more than books so far and even more short storiesit is the most popular and respected comic book series ever produced in Mortadlo, and probably the only local franchise that can still compete comicd sales with Manga and American Comic Books at this point in the Spanish market.

Spanish comic books (1) Mortadelo y Filemón

Furthermore, the comic strips shifted from parodying Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to later reference spy stories and finally incorporating references to current affairs. Views Read Edit View history. Watch those five bricks, watch fklemon He is always put in as a comic relief character; although he wears glasses, they must either have the wrong prescription or are totally ineffective, because his eyesight is totally down.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. When he makes a call, they must show up inmediately. Filemo he is humorously portrayed as the bald and bespectacled “Artist of the Nation”, in perhaps the same league as Pablo Picasso.

Of cooouuurseof course I understand! I can’t believe it!

Your car mortadelp stolen with you inside it Mortadelo habitually addresses him as “Jefe” Spanish for “chief” or “boss”. She is quite touchy her lack of luck with a relationship and being called fat; she reacts with corresponding violence when either of topics are brought up; and with her considerable weight, this is nothing to be ignored.

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He is stingy, bald… well, not really! Mort and Phil are in love with her much to Ofelia’s chagrinbut she is not interested.

His favourite hobby is wearing all sorts of sometimes outrageous disguises – professional and historical clothes and gear, animals, inanimate objects, even small-sized vehicles like miniature blimps and mopeds – which he mostly dons for special tasks or when he is on the run from Phil or his boss, and which all include his signature collar which obscures part of his mouth.

Who do you think hunted them all?

Mort & Phil – Wikipedia

She is still single and would like to become involved with someone usually with Mortbut so far her attempts have been in vain. Javier Fesser directed the 3D animated film Mortadelo and Filemon: Mortadelo is the soul of the couple.

He is a great record collector, he is single and has a big tendency to mess things up. Mort’s partner and friend.

She is blond, chubby and she also has bad temper.