Map of Chiricahua National Monument, southeast Arizona, showing roads, trails and other features. The 8-mile paved scenic drive and miles of day-use hiking trails provide opportunities to discover the beauty, natural Chiricahua National Monument Map. Chiricahua National Monument is a unit of the National Park System located in the Chiricahua Map showing the location of Chiricahua National Monument.

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This was a pretty moderate hike, very unique place! The first few miles were my favorite— the Trail To inspiration point was not as neat and the Trail was a little overgrown but overall a great hike! The remainder is really fun. See List of Arizona Wilderness Areas. The Monument has approximately species of plants within its borders, some of which are unique to the ntaional.

Chiricahua National Monument Hiking Trails and Pictures Down by the River Bed and Breakfast

I would definitely recommend this hike to others, and we definitely plan to go back! Chiricahia park ranger is available to provide visitors with trail guides and information. Great place to get away from things and take some pics without pushing oneself too hard with a tough climb. The second half of the trail past Balancing rock is not as breathtaking as the canyons but still beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed this hike. David, Arizona p: They were also very friendly when we nwtional to buy a souvenir after our hike.

You are surrounded by mixed forest with a soft trail immediately, very cool trail. It encompasses almost 12, acres, much of which is designated as wilderness area.

Definitely challenging for newbies especially now that I know we should have gone in reverse Excellent trail – not difficult at all beyond the distance. I wouldn’t take it back for the world but I would have gotten there at 9am.


Best Trails in Chiricahua National Monument

They lived in and defended their homeland from the Spanish, Mexicans, and the Americans that moved into the area. And this shuttle they speak of. Heart of Rocks specifically is the furthest point in. Great views all along the way! We did it in reverse It’s all mostly up hill from there!!

Later descendants and in-laws of the owners of the ranch Ed Riggs and his wife worked to build trails to view the rocks, and provided tours for visitors to the area to show off the canyons and rock formations.

VERY scenic with hoodoos that you hike through for the first 1. Guided Tours and Programs. Great scenery at the Heart of Rocks Loop.

Take the one that goes over to the Echo Canyon Trail. Parked at the visitor center and hiked up Rhyolite Canyon to heart of the rocks. Pretty much in the dark.

Can’t wait to do it again soon!

If you decide to go to echo canyon parking Gecko Rock on the Echo Canyon Trail. Truly an amazing trek. You’ll see lots of interesting trees that were burned from a previous fire then the breathtaking view of Inspiration Point was on point.

Arizona State Parks web. An acquaintance claimed to have seen monumnt later that afternoon, slumped between two men in a pickup truck. Jonathan Minier on Heart of Rocks Loop. Joe Bravo on Heart of Rocks Loop. The rock formations along these trails are fantastic with a lot to view and explore, including one that I call the Gecko.


Map of Chiricahua National Monument

We went the extra mile round-trip loop to Inspiration Point and enjoyed our time up there probably a little bit longer than we should have Chiricahua is an incredible mmap.

The Bobanian on Rhyolite Canyon Trail. The ash particles melted together to form rhyolite, a grayish colored rock that is what makes up the Monument today.

This part of Arizona went through a violent past that began about 27 nayional years ago when the Turkey Creek Volcano erupted and spewed ash up to feet deep over an area of square miles.

It is a loop trail that starts at Massai Point. Smh so the last 2. We did not do the heart of rock loop so keep that in mind for your mileage. Wall Street was so cool. From the Visitors Center you can drive to the parking areas at Massai Point or Sugarloaf on 8 miles of paved road. It takes you along the rock formations on both sides of Hunt Canyon.

Map of Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona

Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona”. I had a great and patient hiking buddy and we laugh about surviving but if we didn’t have that flashlight and trekking moonument Pleasant along the way with some open, hilly terrain and other forested terrain.

By the time we hit Sarah Deming we were getting tired and out pace wasn’t super fast Spectacular views of rock formations and trees and forest. Put this one on your list!