Tensegrity is the name given to the modern version of the Magical Passes: positions and movements of body and breath that were dreamt and stalked by men. Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity Dreaming Castaneda Images of a 20th-century sorcerer. From Los Angeles Weekly, by Celeste Fremon For me the world is weird. “TENSEGRITY” AND MAGICAL PASSES. Carlos Castaneda interviewed for The New Times by Clair Baron More than thirty years ago, as an anthropologist.

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But you must remember to use it with love.

I never touched on the subject of the magical passes because they were taught to me in secrecy and to aid me in my personal need; that is to say that the passes that I learned were designed for me alone, to fit my physical constitution. John Dedrick, a Protestant missionary who lived among the Yaqui Indians of Vicam, Sonora, from tostated in his letter of May 23, that:.


In the case of the magical passes, Tensegrity refers to the interplay of tensing and relaxing the tendons and muscles, and their energetic counterparts, tensegeity a way that contributes to the overall integrity of the body as a physical and an energetic unit. He described the “magic” of the movements as a subtle change that the practitioners experience on executing them; an ephemeral quality that the movement brings to their physical and mental states, a kind of shine, a light in the eyes.

Castaneda often referred to this unknown realm as “nonordinary reality.

The investigating authorities ruled Partin’s death as undetermined. In Reading Castaneda he describes the apparent deception as a critique of anthropology field work in general — a field that relies heavily on personal experience, and necessarily views other cultures through a lens. The challenge was ultimately unsuccessful [3].


Catsaneda 20 July Yaqui Beliefs and Ceremonies in Pascua Village. I want to convince you that you must learn to make every act count since you are going to be here for only a short while; in fact, too short for witnessing farlos the marvels of it. According to Silverman, not only the descriptions of peyote trips but also the fictional nature of the work are meant to place doubt on other works of anthropology. One day, he gave me an unpolished rock the color of ochre, half the size of my hand.


And he had a great deal of ethnographic knowledge. When I complained to him how I’d run out of gas the night before, for example, he told me that Don Juan had told him that if he anthropomorphized his car, it would never run out tensevrity gas again. Don Juan used to say to me, ‘What have they done to you?

Archived from the original on Carlos Castaneda 20th-century American writers births deaths American anthropologists American spiritual writers Deaths from cancer in California Deaths from liver cancer Peruvian emigrants to the United States Shamanism of the Americas University of California, Los Angeles alumni. From Los Angeles Weekly, by Celeste Fremon For me the world is weird because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable; my interest has been etnsegrity convince you that you must assume responsibility for being here in this marvelous world, in this marvelous desert, at this marvelous time.

Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity – Dreaming Castaneda

I took the advice to heart and chatted up my Karmann Ghia, which obliged me by running on fumes, if necessary, for the next 13 years. The result has been something I have called Tensegrity: The positive results are almost immediate, if one practices meticulously and daily – increased energy generates calmness, efficiency and purpose. It was a system for living, a way of deconstructing consensus reality in order to conceive of a world of unimaginable possibilities. Anxious to meet him, I talked my bosses at Seventeen into letting me interview Castaneda.


Bien, translator of Nikos Kazantzakis’ The Last Temptation of Christ, who dealt with a similar question when asked whether he believed in all the miracles associated with Jesus.

Castaneva word Tensegrity is a combination of tension and integrity, the two driving forces of the magical passes.

We are adventurers, struggling to perpetuate, to better, to evolve our species. For other uses, see Tensegrity. On another occasion, he gleefully castansda a dinner that he and the guru Ram Dass former Tim Leary associate Richard Alpert had both attended, at which Ram Dass had gotten roaring drunk and begun shouting boisterously, “That’s what they call me, ‘Baba ram de ass!

He would call me back from some pay phone in order to arrange a time. We would sometimes go to the movies.

Tensegrity and Magical Passes

After years of effort, we succeeded in merging calos four highly individualistic lines of magical passes into modified units of movements applicable to any physical constitution, and all of us together arrived at composites that fulfilled our innermost expectations.

Among the infinitude of things that don Juan taught me were some bodily movements which were discovered and used by the shamans of ancient Mexico to foster states of profound physical and mental well-being. Ccarlos addition to trying to help me “collapse the parameters of normal perception,” Castaneda talked about personal concerns, such as his worry that his doctoral thesis might not be approved.