Used B&W DM Bookshelf speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. B&W Group North America. T +1 E [email protected] B&W Group Asia Ltd. T + 2 E [email protected] DM There is lots of unusual in B&W DM speaker system. Faceplate is entirely cast of non-resonant polypropylene. The tweeter with metallic dome is “loaded” on.

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B&W Loudspeakers DM, LCR3, ASW | Sound & Vision

Try adding books and then removing them until you find the best level of dynamics for your tastes — clearly an inexact science but well worth 30 minutes of experimentation. Q Acoustics 5. The LCR3 includes a matched tweeter flanked by two 4. The DMs’ upper midrange, both crystal clear and flatteringly smooth, and their ability to articulate natural waveforms roundly lend a strong sense of openness to the listening experience.

Like the five-year-old DM, b&ww DM is a two-way back-vented design with a 6-inch woofer, 1-inch b&d, nominal impedance of 8 ohms, and power handling of 25 to watts. Kevlar has become a popular material for high-quality loudspeaker cones because it is both light and strong. Some hardcore AV enthusiasts are scared away from smaller speakers by their perception g&w is better. The Countdown Will Be Televised.

The DM’s aluminum-alloy tweeter and woven-fiberglass woofer, b&s, are more advanced than the DM’s plastic and paper drivers. Details and density do not easily confuse the DMs from staying focused. The audio law is, the more sturdy and solid the stand, the better the speaker will sound. Smaller cabinets tend to interact less and often introduce less sonic coloration due to cabinet resonances — a major sonic issue with dynamic loudspeaker design.

Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Review. I strongly recommend that it be given the best possible opportunity to perform. Does this realization come because of my exposure b&e speakers like my ProAcs, which will play lower? Of course, different brands vary in nature and value.


But while the DMs love a clean recording, and despite their flattery for the upper midrange, they do not apologize for the muddy or congested work of overtired or under-schooled engineers. The Music After break-in, set-up, and some detailed positioning, I sat back for some tunes.

The title track of Bill Morrissey’s Dm330 is one of my favorite snares, and Morrissey’s voice didn’t make the 6-inch woofers sound tubby. Trumpets rang with a full set of high-frequency overtones, strings were correctly proportionate, dialogue was natural, and even without the sub rifle shots had a modicum of punch and a long decay.

Music From Big Pink. Five years parts and labor. Also, speakers that are less visualy obtrusive can provide a more sonically transparent listening experience.

GoldenEar Technology Triton One. Fiberglass is reported to be heavier than Kevlar and presumably helps reduce manufacturing costs for the budget-oriented DMs. Take two, in Dolby Pro Logic, had a good feel but lost some inner detail, especially in the orchestral instruments.

The DM also benefits from technology that was originally used in the ultrahigh-end Nautilus Series. Mounted on Osiris Audionics 24″ stands, the DMs were first powered, in a best-case scenario, with the same equipment used for the house reference speakers, ProAc Response 2S: In fact, aside from being a fantastically engaging epic in its own right, Introducing Happiness is a nearly perfect promotional tool for the DMs, playing on their every strength — cleanliness, openness, and heavy on the midrange and upper midrange.

Leave this field blank. Soundstaging is always a product of resolution, a well-treated room, good upstream bw& and positioning. Also, be sure to remove any loose items that may cause rattling, because these little n&w can really put out some serious physical energy.

They lend themselves to wall-mounting almost as well as the smallest satellites, with the added benefit of genuine midbass response.


For shielding reasons, it is important to use a speaker designed to be xm303 on top of your television, as well as to choose a quality match for your front and surround speakers. I’m one of those tricky reviewers who starts out in stereo mode because it’s the least forgiving.

But most speakers at sane prices represent compromises.

B&W DM303 Main/Stereo

The tambourine had definition and openness, yet was missing the extreme &bw information found in very expensive speakers. As I expected, the metal tweeters got plenty of zing out of the b&s acoustic guitars played by Robert Fripp and his students.

The DM measures a mere 13 inches tall, seven-and-three-quarters inches wide and nine-and-one-half inches deep, weighing a scant 11 pounds apiece. This supposedly diminishes resonance inside the cabinet that can interfere with the driver itself, leading to unwanted distortions.

B&W DM303 Bookshelf Speakers

From same Stereophile disc, track 10 of soundstage maps and microphone techniques demonstrates with a cowbell that the DMs seemed roomier side to side, expanding well beyond the horizontal boundaries of the physical cabinets, than front to back.

Size and price come in a close second and third. The ProAcs Response 2Ses are relatively large stand-mounted speakers, bw& they cast a soundstage that’s deep and wide, as well as accurate. Aaron Weiss aaron soundstage.

B&W DM Main/Stereo | eBay

Trickled down from the Nautilus tweeter is the use of a tapered tube for venting the driver. Create new account Request new password. What Your Kids Need for Christmas. They had good clarity and a dm330 amount of low-frequency information. The Downside The DM is obviously a mini-monitor that performs at a level greater than its price.

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