Chronicling author and anthropologist Brent Luvaas’ experience over three years of blogging through vivid street imagery and rich ethnographic detail, this book. Brent Luvaas’s 14 research works with 63 citations and reads, including: Street-style geographies: Re-mapping the fashion blogipelago. Brent Luvaas has . Visit ‘s Brent Luvaas Page and shop for all Brent Luvaas books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Brent Luvaas.

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I use the standard sort of collection of social media sites people use. I would want to look like a caricature of a professor from the s, but with street edge.

They are more about style as a purely digital expression. What courses are you teaching at Drexel? Brent Luvaas’ own take on street style gives a unique and much-needed perspective from which we can begin to see what is and what will happen to the presentation of the self in public.

Dress, Body, Culture Illustrations: Facehunter, The Sartorialist, the basics, and was intrigued by what I saw, and saw a real commonality between what they did documenting style.

Do you think that there are too many street style blogs? I have finished up all of the questions I want to ask, I just wanted to see if there was anything else you wanted to discuss about your journey? Style and sartorial expression are important parts of our visual culture, playing a kuvaas role in building our identities, and communicating to others.


Amateur photographers, often with no formal training in fashion, have become critical arbiters of taste and trends, influencing the representations that appear in magazines and on runways, and putting new cities on the fashion world map. Teaching for me is part of being a professor and an academic.

High to Low Avg. Stand with their arms at the side, stare straight at the camera, no smile. Please try your request again later. Low to High Price: Yeah, especially because of the off runway photography that breent most street style photography these days, so most street style photographers that are out shooting fashion weeks for instance, usually in motion photography with people walking towards them a lot of the time.

What music are you listening to, and then I will let them take the lead. I shot in a mall for a Refinery29 campaign because they were doing a pop up shop.

Street Style: Brent Luvaas – The Triangle

I went out and did some shooting myself to see what the process was like, and I ran into a guy that does candids. Free Labor, Freelancing, and Free Stuff 6. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy.

How much time do you put into shooting? It is a much higher adrenaline fix because you just have to produce.

Blogger feature: Brent Luvaas – The Triangle

Looking at some of the street style blogs, and reading some of the interviews, it seems like there is a lot of pressure to shoot fashion week because that is kind of expected. I think that I will do the blog so long as I feel like it is a useful exercise for me.


I always start with the same basic questions. Get a real sense how this is having an impact of the fashion industry, and I have been doing it for 3 years now. The way they walk, the way they cut through the air, you know that they are a person you want to photograph, but there are other people where it just takes awhile for you to get a real sense.

Interview: An interview with street style blogger Brent Luvaas

They have something that can only really be captured visually, and that is what I look for. Brent Luvaas, founder of street-style blog Urban Fieldnotes, balances the life of a blogger, professional anthropologist and assistant professor at Drexel University.

It is going to be called Street Style: Equipped with mirrorless cameras, smart phones, and social media apps—including Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr— a luvass generation of amateur and professional photographers is taking up street photography in cities around the world. Street photography was developed in tandem with the modern, industrialized city, and it became one of the primary conceptual tools through the city was imagined, created, and experienced.

Getting feedback from people about it. Switching gears to your street style blog now. I am also teaching visual anthropology.